Principal's Message

I am very proud to serve in such an institution which has a very clear vision and committed to the nation. The Saraswati Vidya Mandir is planned and built with the aim of achieving 'pride of place' among the best educational centers of the region. The vision of Vidya Bharti is to provide a very special opportunity for the whole school community to learn the value of respecting each other and working together.SVM has an idyllic setting, fine weather, and a natural pollution-free atmosphere, and so provides an excellent environment for the whole school community to learn, observe and contemplate. The mission of our school is to provide maximum opportunity, through co-curricular activities, games, sports, affection, attention and academic monitoring for each child to achieve their full potential. Time to time Vidya Bharti providing the ideas and experiences to us to make students ready for future. I have learnt a lot by working together with Vidya Bharti and local community to raise this ultimate project of the education. In this highly competitive world, we strive to bring a sense of co-operation and mutual support among the whole school community, so that our students will go out into the world ready to deal with all the difficulties that will confront them. Our aim is to give them "a flying start".

With sincere and warm regards

Mr. Desraj Sharma